Roses blooming

I hope most of you saw my article in the Gig Harbor Life paper this last week.  I have also updated the home page.  It has some pictures on it that I took this week of roses blooming in the field.  I have had a few people tell me they lost roses last year.  It was a hard one and weak plants may have bit the dust.  I say hurray in many respects, not because you may buy new ones,  a weak roses isn't worth growing while there are so many good ones.  Our return policy with very few exceptions is this "If you believe it is my fault, Mike, your rose died then we will exchange it or refund your money."  Having said that,  It is very easy for an experienced rose grower like myself to tell if a rose has been under watered or had round up sprayed to close to it.  Any way check out the new pics