Looking forward to 2017

Lets get this season going.  In the nursery business this time of year is dark.  Literally and figuratively.  I guess we are on the count down to the summer solstice.  Most of the roses look good this year and we will have more annuals and perennials than ever.  I am redoing some of the setup as well.  We will have a new greenhouse and a bigger road presence.  The new rose list is posted.  We should have a bigger selection of tomatoes and veggies as well, but smaller quantities so shop early.

Regarding the rose list.  Some of the long timers may notice that we have less varieties.  There is a reason.  One of the main reasons is that as time has gone on we have realized that many varieties that grow ok in the garden do not grow well in a nursery environment.  Specifically,  Downey Mildew is very likely to be present in many varieties.  I know that some of the sales reps will deny it, but I have talked to many experts as well as hybridizers that will say privately that Downey Mildew is in the plants themselves.  Since this is the case it is not worth the risk rolling the dice.  We had a significant problem 2 years ago and 15 years ago.  Both times were devastating.  

Roses are the most rewarding plant ever, but if specific varieties pose a significant threat it is not worth the risk.  Certain distributors are very prone to have issues.  So we have reduced the numbers from providers that we believe are high risk.  We also have stopped carrying certain varieties all together.  There have been a few other issues I would like to highlight.

The number of wholesale growers of roses is shrinking.  So we are taking the step of budding many roses that are non patented and grow well here.  This will be a time consuming process and will not show benefits for a couple of years.  Many suppliers are not as customer service friendly as the old days and unfortunately trust has become an issue.  We are still buying roses from Texas, Arizona, California and Ontario, BC so we will keep it going till we can build up are own supply.  And we will always buy patented bare root roses from those areas.

Thanks for the interest.