Had a great time at the rose society of Tacoma.  Lots of questions and nice interactions.  I was concerned about being too negative.  I have grown frustrated with inferior rose growers acting like their roses are just as good or better. So in the meeting I didn't hold punches.  For years I have taken the heat for problems created by wholesalers.  I have had it with these clowns.

I have also had it with the unsolicited advice from people that have rose gardens.  I have grown over 100,000 individual rose plants.  Please don't give me the "what you need to do is"  line.  I often will turn it around in my head.  "You know what YOU need to do is..."

Maybe I am irritated that my brother has been in the hospital through the ER.  Or that a family I know is in the middle of a very serious legal situation.  Or that I had 2 greenhouses collapse in the last snow we had.  Or that a company I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with won't pick up my phone call.

Loyalty. Oh well.  At least I have great customers even though I haven't always deserved it.